Royal College Statement of Principles on Opioid use

This statement guides the Royal College’s response to the health risks and system challenges associated with the opioids crisis.

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Patient experience and outcomes

Patients should gain the optimal benefit from opioids and other pharmacological interventions to achieve effective pain management while minimizing poor outcomes (i.e. hyperalgesia, myoclonus) and adverse events (i.e. unintended overdoses, self-medication).

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Promoting safe practice

Support the implementation of strategies and approaches that reduce harm, diminish variability in prescribing practices, enable appropriate assessments of patients and reduce preventable deaths from opioid medication.

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Access to real-time, technological resources and supports

Physicians require real-time, point of care access to educational resources to inform their prescribing treatment decisions. These tools must be relevant to the specialist’s scope of practice (including clinical setting and patient population needs).

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High quality, effective education and practice interventions

Provide and promote access to high quality education based on best available evidence(i.e. guidelines, systematic reviews, randomized controlled trials) and develop practice support tools that will foster the translation of best evidence into competencies that are required to manage patients in acute and chronic pain.

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Inter-professional collaborative practice

Recognize that comprehensive patient care is frequently provided by inter & intra professional health-care teams. Continue to promote and advocate for safer opioid prescribing, consumption and disposal across the health professions.

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Commitment to collaboration

Capitalize on existing resources and initiatives as there is no single solution to the current opioid crisis. Efforts should be complimentary and coordinated across all sectors to optimize safer opioid use.

Read the full Royal College Statement of Principles on Opioids Use Here.

These resources will be regularly updated as new evidence and resource become available.

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