International Development, Aid and Collaboration (IDAC)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Last updated February 16, 2022

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General information

What is the International Development, Aid, and Collaboration (IDAC) funding program?

Launched October 2019, IDAC is a funding program facilitated by Royal College International (RCI). The program supports a selected number of projects led by Royal College Fellows that help to improve health profession education and local capacity in low- and middle-income countries.

What projects led by Fellows does the Royal College support through the IDAC funding program?

Through the IDAC funding program, the Royal College supports projects led by Fellows that involve the following activities in low- and middle-income countries:

  • postgraduate medical education (PGME) and specialty residency training program development and expansion (i.e., capacity building);
  • lifelong learning for health professionals (i.e., continuing professional development);
  • faculty development (workshops/courses) aimed at upskilling faculty and resident trainee competencies (non-clinical);
  • interprofessional training programs to improve the health care education system;
  • patient safety;
  • integration of simulation technologies and methodologies into PGME programs;
  • integrating education technologies such as simulation-based education and assessment; and
  • medical education research and scholarship.

When do IDAC call for applications open and how will Fellows be informed?

IDAC call for applications typically open in the spring season. Fellows will first be informed through the Royal College’s CEO Message on the month that the call for applications opens and afterwards, through other Royal College communications channels including the Dialogue newsletter, website and social media.

Do IDAC call for applications open on an annual basis?

Yes, typically in the spring season. However, IDAC call for applications may be delayed or postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. For example, in 2020 there was no IDAC call for applications due to COVID-19 and travel restrictions.

Where can Fellows find information on IDAC projects that are currently being supported?

To learn more about IDAC projects currently being supported, visit the Royal College Newsroom. The Royal College issued a CEO Message on September 28, 2020, which includes links to profiles on each IDAC project currently being supported. Future updates will also be published in the Royal College Newsroom.

Application process

Who is eligible to apply for IDAC?

Fellows with an active membership with the Royal College and involved in a project that meets the IDAC program’s eligibility criteria are eligible to apply.

What are the IDAC program’s eligibility criteria?

RCI receives and reviews many IDAC project applications seeking support. Prior to applying, please ensure the following eligibility criteria have been met in full:

  • may only be submitted by Fellows of the Royal College with an active membership;
  • must be aligned with the mandate and mission of the Royal College and RCI, and must demonstrate impact and sustainability;
  • project support cannot exceed three years’ duration and will not exceed CAD (Canadian Dollar) $30,000 annually in funding requests;
  • applicants must have a demonstrable collaboration with credible partners within the host country; and
  • applicants must demonstrate how their project will build local capacity.

Additional eligibility criteria considered to be an asset include:

  • a financial partnership and/or support from an external partner; and
  • applications that demonstrate partnerships with one or more organizations in Canada (i.e., Faculty of Medicine, university, registered charitable organization, National Specialty Society, Specialty Committee, or government program).

Note that meeting the eligibility criteria does not guarantee an application’s approval for funding support. Not adhering to the criteria will result in the application being denied.

Is the Royal College currently accepting IDAC project applications?

Yes. As of May 26, 2021, the Royal College will be accepting IDAC project applications.

What is the deadline to apply?

Applications are due on September 7, 2021 at 8:00 a.m. (EDT).

How do Fellows apply?

If interested in the program, Fellows are required to complete an online application form. Note that RCI does no accept emailed or mailed applications; all applications must be completed through the online application form.

Where can Fellows access the online application form?

The online application form can be accessed directly here or via the IDAC landing page on our website.

Can the online application form be completed in more than one session?

Yes. To enable this option, the applicant will need to provide an email address. Once provided, the platform will then send a unique link to the applicant’s email inbox. Through the link, the applicant will be able to access and continue completing the online application form at a future date and time. Additional instructions are included on top of the form.

The online application form involves assigning a Project Lead. Who is the Project Lead?

The Project Lead is the assigned leader and representative of the associated project, in which RCI will be in communication with throughout the application, funding and reporting process. The assigned Project Lead must be a Royal College Fellow with an active membership with the Royal College.

Can there be more than one Project Lead assigned per project?

No. Only one Project Lead can be assigned per project for all communication purposes with RCI. If more than one Fellow is involved in the project, Project Leads will have the option to list Fellows individually in the online application form.

Are supported or additional documents accepted with applications?

No. Supported or additional documents are not accepted with applications (e.g., reference letters).

How will applicants know if applications have been received?

When finished completing and submitting the online application form, an acknowledgement of receipt message will then appear to confirm receipt of the application. Applicants do not need to contact RCI or the IDAC team to confirm receipt.

How will applicants know if applications are incomplete?

The online application form includes mandatory fields to complete. If a mandatory field is not complete, the applicant will not be able to submit the application. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure all answers to questions – both for fields that are mandatory and not mandatory – are complete before submitting the application.

How will an applicant know if their project meets the program’s eligibility criteria?

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the associated project meets the program’s eligibility criteria. Please consult the eligibility criteria, the IDAC landing page and this FAQ page in full before applying.

Assessment process

When will IDAC applications be assessed – how long will it take?

All IDAC applications will be assessed after the application deadline of September 7, 2021 at 8:00 a.m. (EDT), through to February 2022.

What will the assessment process involve?

The process will involve RCI and the IDAC evaluation team assessing applications for completeness and alignment with the program’s eligibility criteria and the Royal College’s mandate. Applications will also be assessed based on the project’s sustainability and impact on the host country or countries.

Decision, notification and next step

When will a decision be made on which projects have been selected?

The decision will be made after the assessment process is complete, approximately February 2022.

When and how will Project Leads be informed of their application’s status – i.e., approved or not approved for funding support?

Project Leads will be informed of the decision soon after the assessment process is complete, which should be at some point in February 2022. Project Leads will be informed via email.

For approved projects, when will funding support begin?

Funding support will begin as soon as April 1, 2022, conditional to signing a formal IDAC project agreement with RCI.

If a project is approved for funding support, what will be the next step?

The Project Lead associated with the project will be asked to sign a formal IDAC project agreement with RCI. In the agreement, further details and instructions will be included.

If a project is not approved for funding support, can the Project Lead apply again in the next call for applications?

Yes. In fact, it is encouraged to do so as only a certain number of projects can be supported and accommodated per year.

For projects that are not selected, is feedback provided for future applications?

Due to the high volume of applications received, and to ensure continued transparency and fairness to the IDAC selection process, RCI will not provide any feedback on how to improve future applications.

Reporting process

Note that this section of the FAQ is only applicable to projects that are receiving funding support through the IDAC program.

If a project is approved for IDAC funding support, is the Project Lead associated with the project expected to complete reports during the funding period?

Yes. The Project Lead will be asked to complete reports on an annual or semi-annual basis. Additional details will be included in the formal IDAC project agreement with RCI.

Is the reporting process done online?

Yes. When requested to complete a report, RCI will share a link with the Project Lead to complete an online report form. Note that RCI does not accept emailed or mailed reports; all reports must be completed through the online report form.

Will the online report form involve tracking project financial details?

Yes. The online report form will ask the Project Lead to track the project’s financial details in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, which will then need to be uploaded to the online report form before submitting the report. RCI will share a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet template at the time the Project Lead is requested to complete a report.

Can the online report form be completed in more than one session?

Yes. To enable this option, the Project Lead completing the report will need to provide an email address. Once provided, the platform will then send a unique link to the Project Lead’s email inbox. Through the link, the Project Lead will be able to access and continue completing the online report form at a future date and time. Additional instructions will be included on top of the form.

Other information and questions

Where can Fellows find more information on IDAC?

Additional information pertaining to the IDAC program, including this FAQ, can be found on the Royal College website via the dedicated IDAC landing page. The landing page will be updated annually before call for applications open.

I have other questions regarding the IDAC program. Who should I contact?

Contact the IDAC team at