Regional Advisory Committee 5

New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador.

G. Robert LaRoche, MD, FRCSC
Message from the Chair

G. Robert LaRoche Dear Colleagues

My name is G. Robert LaRoche and I am your new RAC Chair. I joined the Royal College in 1980 after completing my postgraduate ophthalmology training at both Laval and McGill Universities. FYI, the “G” at the beginning of my name was to differentiate me from a colleague in Med school and has stuck since. I pursued clinical and research training in Paediatric Ophthalmology both at McGill and Baylor and have been at the IWK since the early ‘80s. I was elected to the Royal College Council in 2015 and appointed as your RAC Chair in February 2017.

After a short absence from this committee when I served as a member, I am now back as Chair and ready to serve for a productive term. The functions of this committee are numerous and all have their raison d’être in helping keep the Royal College relevant to its members. The challenge for us is to operationalize seemingly lofty goals (see below), but it is often through simple action plans that our committee can make a difference at the local level. The Committee’s opinions count, hence the name Advisory Committee; and it is through open, regular and cogent communications amongst ourselves that we will be able to have a clear voice heard at Council. I trust we will be a productive group, and, with the help of the Royal College staff, actually surpass the expectations for our committee.

At the core of their functions, the Regional Advisory Committees:

  • identify regional issues relevant to the practice of specialty medicine, medical education, and health policy for action by the Royal College
  • promote effective communication with regional members
  • facilitate regional members’ ability to share their perspectives, strategies or solutions within areas of common interest
  • support the continuing professional development of members through collaboration with regional CPD educators and other regional partner organizations
  • identify and support the development of regional members with the experience, skills and expertise to serve in various volunteer roles within the Royal College

Each RAC serves an important role in developing strategies to engage all members in their region in a dialogue concerning issues that are important to the profession and the core mission of the Royal College. With the contribution of our experiences and varied perspectives, our involvement and participation are valued on a wide range of issues or initiatives. If you have any questions or issues that you would like to discuss with the other members of our RAC, please contact me at

Note that RAC Chair email inboxes are monitored by Royal College staff.

G. Robert LaRoche, MD, FRCSC