Become a SET instructor

Thank you for your interest in becoming a SET instructor. Please forward your CV, cover letter and references to

Note that we only accept instructors on an as needed basis and currently we are only looking for French speaking instructors who are able to teach Program Evaluation, Curriculum Design and Performance Assessment. The Applicants who successfully pass the initial screening stage will be able to start the training process. Please note that the application turnaround time varies from one case to another. You will be contacted by the Practice, Performance and Innovation unit representative once the process is complete.

The training process includes auditing the course and instructing as a candidate at a second course. After auditing the course, the Auditor is being recommended to the Selection Committee by the course director, which then decided on moving the candidate to the “instructor candidate” stage. Instructor candidates are observed and evaluated during the course by the SET faculty. Successful instructor candidates are invited to become SET faculty.

Below is a list of requirements to become a SET instructor that you must demonstrate in your CV.

  • Certificate or degree in Simulation Education or Master’s in Health Professions Education
  • Active involvement in Sim Community Provincially and Nationally
  • Educational design and debriefing of simulation, collaboration across universities
  • Presence at National meetings (international added bonus)
  • Program/Curriculum development and/or research or collaborating (in moving Simulation based education forward)
  • Two Reference letter should come from a SET faculty and one from outside the SET faculty

If you have any questions please contact Practice, Performance and Innovation Unit at