Practice, Performance and Innovation

How does a health care professional prepare for the unknown? Most doctors and nurses only rarely have to care for critically ill patients, so when the moment comes, how can they know what to do?

Our education system does an excellent job of teaching theory, but what is needed is practical, intensive, hands-on training. This is where the Royal College’s Practice, Performance and Innovation Unit comes in. Our simulation-based courses address this need, and can help you and your team be better prepared for acute-care situations.

Everyone understands what is at stake if the team members don’t have the knowledge, skills and confidence they need. Not only is the patient affected — so are family members, the care providers and the health care system itself.

Who we are

Practice, Performance and Innovation (PPI) is a highly specialized education development and delivery unit that is part of the Royal College and its Office of Professional Affairs. This team’s work is focused on practice. It delivers education using simulation-based technology to enhance the performance of individuals and inter-professional health teams.

Current membership

PPI’s strength lies in the interdisciplinary community of professionals and the large pool of instructors who make up its membership. These people bring their considerable and varied experience in critical-care education to our courses and materials.

A bright future

We look forward to bringing you more high-quality, interactive education programs and services. We are currently extending our focus beyond critical care into others areas of specialty medicine.

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Practice, Performance and Innovation Unit (PPI)
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