Area of Focused Competence (AFC) Committees

AFC committees are established for every AFC diploma recognized by the Royal College that is not already covered by the parent specialty committee. The role of an AFC committee is to advise the Royal College on discipline specific content issues such as standards, credentials, assessment and accreditation.

AFC committees are monitored by the Committee on Specialties and ultimately report to the Education Committee on matters related to the AFC-diploma.

AFC committee responsibilities

  • Advise the Committee on Specialties regarding reviews of AFC-diploma status, and reviews of applications for recognition of a new AFC
  • Advise the Accreditation Committee on matters including basic accreditation requirements, applications for accreditation of new programs, assessment of pre-survey questionnaires and recommendation of accreditation status
  • Advise the Credentials Committee on matters including the Competency Training Requirements(CTR) for the area of focused competence and assessment of individual credentials
  • Advise the Assessment Committee on matters including the components of the portfolio
  • Advise other committees such as the Executive Committee, regional advisory committees and the Biomedical Ethics Committee on matters relevant to the AFC
  • Revise discipline-specific documents as needed
  • Liaise with the National Specialty Society on educational issues and collaborate to ensure the sustained health of the discipline

AFC Committee members

The AFC committee is comprised of voting and non-voting members. Voting members consist of up to nine members: the chair, vice-chair and five members-at-large who should reflect Canada’s geographical regions as specified in (Royal College Bylaw No. 19, Article 10.1.2).

Non-voting members include representatives from National Specialty Societies, related disciplines and AFC directors.

Committee members serve a two-year mandate, which is renewable twice.

AFC Subcommittees

AFC subcommittees are established for every AFC-diploma recognized by the Royal College that is encompassed by a parent specialty committee. AFC-diplomas encompassed by one parent specialty may have a single or multiple entry routes. The role of an AFC subcommittee is to advise the Royal College on discipline specific content issues (e.g., standards, credentials, assessment and accreditation).

Specialty committees advise on specialty-specific content issues and if appropriate, oversee an AFC subcommittee. The parent specialty committee is responsible for advising on matters relating to AFC-diploma recognition and status, discipline-specific document development and revision, credentialing and providing feedback on AFC accreditation.