Apply for Recognition of a New AFC Discipline

The first step to recognizing a new AFC involves the development of an application for discipline recognition. On this page, you will find more information and resources to help you initiate this process.

AFC Application Development

Application Development
Review by the Office of Specialty Education
Application Revision
Submission to Committee on Specialties

How to apply

Applicants should contact to inquire about recognition of a new discipline. The following documents are required:

  • A letter of intent: a brief letter which explains the educational rationale for pursuing recognition
  • The application form: please contact to request a copy of the application
  • The Competency Training Requirements (CTR) document: as committee members are not necessarily experts in your proposed discipline, this template document should be used to outline the unique competencies of the proposed discipline, over and above the competencies acquired during training in a primary specialty/subspecialty
  • Submit support forms from:
    • The sponsoring/ associated national specialty society/ies,
    • The specialty committees of existing Royal College disciplines, whose competencies overlap with those of the proposed discipline,
    • A training site authority, detailing how existing infrastructure will support the implementation of the proposed discipline, should it be approved
  • The application fee: $14,000 which may be split between multiple applicants/training sites


New applications are reviewed at COS meetings twice a year (fall and spring). There are two opportunities to submit a finalized application:

  • September 1, for consideration at the fall COS meeting,
  • February 1, for consideration at the spring COS meeting.

We strongly encourage applicants to submit preliminary drafts of their applications and associated documents (such as the CTR) well before deadlines so that the Office of Specialty Education may review them for completeness and offer feedback and guidance as needed.

It typically takes one to two years to refine the application before formal submission for review by the Committee on Specialties (COS).

Additional resources:

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