Strategic Plan 2023-2026

This strategic plan describes our vision and sets out the specific actions we will take across four core areas to support specialist physician learning, uphold rigorous standards and accreditation for specialty medicine, assess candidate physicians against established standards, and foster connection across specialty medicine and all health care system partners.

It is our strategy to support specialist physicians — from residency through to retirement — to meet the challenges of an evolving profession in a complex and rapidly changing world recovering from the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Extensive consultations over recent years have informed our strategy. We have come to understand that three complex societal issues are impacting the care specialist physicians deliver and need to be addressed collectively by our membership. We have integrated these as themes into each of our core areas so we can begin to address the learning challenges and programming requirements inherent in each. They are:

  • Health human resources and workforce well-being — Exhaustion, attrition and licensing challenges are eroding the depth and strength of Canada’s health care workforce, impacting access to high-quality, person-centered and sustainable care. These realities cannot continue if we expect to restore joy in the care of patients and communities. We will contribute to system changes that alleviate the resource and wellness issues that negatively impact our members and their ability to provide care.
  • Indigenous health, anti-racism, equity, diversity and inclusion — To realize truly equitable access to care, a deep understanding of the needs of Indigenous, Black and other systemically marginalized groups is required. These learnings and principles must be integrated into the care of patients and communities, and applied to our core areas to eliminate the racism and other inequities that some specialist physicians face throughout their careers.
  • Planetary health and sustainable health care — Specialist physicians and health care teams can play a unique role as stewards of sustainable health care and advocates for the health of populations, including systemically marginalized groups who may be more significantly impacted by climate change.  

Download the 2023-2026 strategic plan