National Consultations

The Canadian medical education system is arguably one of the best in the world, but on behalf of Canadians, the Royal College is working together with health care partners to monitor evolving patient care needs and adjust physician training to ensure physicians continue to deliver the best health care for all.

Through our work to date and with the work that is to come, the CanMEDS Project aims to solicit meaningful input from a wide and diversified breadth of interested parties to guide the next iteration of the CanMEDS framework.

All CanMEDS Project Consultations

Established in 2021CanMEDS Project National Advisory BoardThe CanMEDS Project National Advisory Board provides advice on strategic direction and overall recommendations for the project.About the Advisory Board
Completed in 2021Emerging Concepts SurveyRespondents provided feedback regarding the strengths, weaknesses, and gaps of the current CanMEDS framework.  Results from the survey were reviewed as part of a comprehensive environmental scan, and shared with the CanMEDS 2025 Expert Working Groups (EWGs).See Emerging Concepts
Completed in 2021Environmental Scan and Literature ReviewCollection of relevant documents (e.g., reports, white papers, standards, competencies) to help the Steering Committee better understand new or under-represented topics relevant to the future of medical training.CJEM Article
Completed in 2022Creation of Expert Working Groups and ePanelsSelf-identified and nominated individuals representing an interest or expertise in one or more CanMEDS Roles or one of six theme groups. About EWGs and ePanels
Completed in 2023CanMEDS Town Hall UpdateOpen Call
OngoingSocial media and emailThe CanMEDS Project Steering Committee is encouraging interested parties to provide feedback through our various social media channels.

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October 13 to December 31, 2023Patient EngagementOpen Call for public feedback distributed through partner organizations and patient partner groups to solicit broad feedback on physician competencies.Now closed
Upcoming 2024-25Further consultations and creation of updated draft Framework
  • National Online Survey 2024/25
  • Spring 2024 CanMEDS Summit
  • Ongoing CanMEDS EWGs and ePanels 
  • CanMEDS Project Webinars 2024-25
2026Finalized framework and intended launch with resource support  

Launching the updated CanMEDS Framework

The official launch of the evolved CanMEDS Framework is expected in the fall of 2026. The rollout of the Royal College’s specialty specific objectives of training and other associated resources will continue for several years after the framework’s release and will include faculty development support from the Royal College. 

Your input matters

We all have a stake in CanMEDS. Your input and support matters to us.

For more information visit the CanMEDS Project.

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