The Maintenance of Certification Program

The Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Program is the Royal College's continuing professional development program for Fellows and health care professionals. Participation in the MOC Program is a requirement for admission and renewal of Fellowship in the Royal College.

The MOC Program supports the lifelong learning needs of Fellows and health care professionals. We’re committed to not only supporting all MOC Program participants, but also ensuring that the program responds to Fellows’ feedback and addresses their needs and expectations.

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Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Program: the program of professional development administered in accordance with Article 6 of Royal College Bylaw No. 19.

Fellow: a person who has been admitted to Fellowship in the Royal College in accordance with Article 5 of Bylaw No. 19 (Bylaw No. 19, Article 5, Admission to Membership) and who is in compliance with the MOC requirements of Article 6 of Bylaw No. 19 (Bylaw No. 19, Article 6, Maintenance of Certification Program).

Health Care Professional (HCP): medical specialist, licensed physician, international medical graduate, PhD, medical geneticist, and any other member of the health care team practising in Canada who is not a certificant or Fellow of the Royal College.

Related professional activities: activities that either directly or indirectly contribute to or enhance the quality of specialty medicine, including aspects of medical administration, research, teaching and consulting.

Royal College Directory: a public register of Fellows on the Royal College’s website that lists the names of Fellows participating in the MOC Program and other information as prescribed by the Royal College in accordance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and Article 3.2 of Bylaw No. 19 (Bylaw No. 19, Article 3.2, Register of Fellows).

Cycle: A period of time that is five years in length unless an extension is granted for extenuating circumstances.

MAINPORT ePortfolio is a web application MOC Program participants use to submit and track continuing professional development activities, manage their learning and access web resources and programs that contribute to their learning.

Non-adherence: the failure of a MOC Program participant to report a minimum of 40 credits in any year of a five-year cycle.

Non-compliance: the failure of a MOC Program participant to achieve a minimum of 400 credits and a minimum of 25 credits in each MOC Program section* by the end of a five-year cycle. This is a applicable to MOC Program participants with cycles starting on or after January 1, 2014.

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